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Alexandra Olivera (Sandy)

As an artist, Alexandra Olivera (Sandy), is primarily a realist painter of animals and still life with a love for working small.  She has worked large and some of those larger pieces can be seen here.


During her childhood and the years following, it delighted her to explore many art forms.  Eventually she limited herself to painting and drawing.  But for a few years she spent time creating handmade glass beads (like miniature sculptures) which became a new and natural way to again branch out her artistic experience.  She has recently taken an interest in small needle felted sculptures. 


Sandy has BFA and MFA degrees (bachelors and masters degrees in fine art) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her work has been shown in many group and one person exhibitions and purchased for private and public collections.


Her earlier works are signed Sandy Sopocko.  She began to sign her works Sopocko-Olivera after marrying Robert.


Both of Robert and Sandy's boston terrier dogs pictured on the home page have since passed away.  One lived to be almost 17 years.  Sandy trained the male dog so he could become a registered therapy dog.  Besides doing visits and demonstrations at nursing homes and for a children's hospital, this dog did "animal assisted therapy" with occupational therapists.  They now have three cats and a high energy challenging mixed breed dog.  One of the cats has been clicker trained to perform tricks.


The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago was her favorite place to go when a child and an outing to any zoo, farm, or aquarium still is a very special thing to do.  Besides being an artist, Sandy is also a professional dog trainer.


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